Learn why menstruation changes women’s emotions


During menstruation there are a series of changes in women’s emotions that are the result of a totally normal hormonal imbalance on those days of the month.

Learn why menstruation changes womens emotionsWe are all aware that menstruation changes the emotions of women. The big question is why is this happening and what is the main cause? Well, the reason lies in the hormones and in what we know as Premenstrual Syndrome(PMS).

Today we are going to discover in depth the cause why this happens and if there is any way to alleviate the symptoms of PMS that are unbearable even for those who suffer them. Being in a bad mood is not pleasant, neither for others, nor for the person himself.

Premenstrual syndrome(PMS)

Many women know that their period is going to come because just in the previous days they are in a very bad mood. Without knowing why, they become fringes, they answer badly to everyone, they get angry very easily and it seems that their emotions are running high. What is happening?

Well, we find ourselves with the well-known premenstrual syndrome. This refers to that drop in hormones and the change in the level of progesterone that happens just before menstruation comes.

This inevitably causes changes in the woman’s mood and behavior, as well as other symptoms:

  • Sleep disorders: Difficulty sleeping, hot flashes, and being very hot at night. Even if you sleep for many hours, you can’t get a good rest.
  • Sensitivity: Not only physically(the breasts can hurt) but also emotionally. Everything affects them in a much deeper way.
  • Appetite: Cravings usually appear. When a woman has premenstrual syndrome, she usually wants to eat sweets. If that craving is not supplied, our mood can worsen.
  • Behavior changes: From being very nice people, they suddenly become borderline or do not feel like talking to anyone.

These symptoms are completely normal and the hormones are to blame for their origin. Sometimes you don’t have two equal PMS. One month the woman may be very angry, and another may be extremely sad.

How to solve this hormonal imbalance?

It has surely become clear that what occurs the days before menstruation comes down is a hormonal imbalance. Now, if the rule changes emotions, makes us feel sad or angry, sensitive or angry, how can we solve this?

The truth is that there are different ways to counteract this imbalance. Let’s look at some simple ways to make yourself feel better. Let’s go there!

  • Exercising: Exercise releases endorphins and improves our mood. It also helps us relieve pain and discomfort that we may feel before menstruation or while we have it.
  • Healthy eating: Eating foods rich in vitamin B or taking bananas, which are rich in tryptophan, will help us increase our sense of well-being. Nuts are also recommended.

A combination of healthy eating with exercise can reduce this hormonal imbalance a bit. If menstruation changes emotions every month, including these recommendations can make a significant difference.

More serious problems

Although menstruation changes emotions, this discomfort can be enhanced due to other problems that this natural condition that women go through each month brings about. We are talking about dizziness, the feeling of wanting to vomit or bloating.

Feeling bloated is totally normal. However, it is also natural to notice dizziness or drops in blood pressure. Should this concern us? Not really, as menstruation makes the pressure drop a bit, which is not serious.

All these circumstances cause us not to be in a very good mood. If we are angry, feeling bloated may make our anger worse. If we are sad, being dizzy can increase that feeling.

Ultimately, menstruation changes emotions and, although on many occasions we cannot do anything to prevent it, we can adopt different measures to counteract this. Feeling sore, not wanting anything, not even understanding our own mood swings is completely natural.

Does menstruation ever change emotions for you? Do you know how to solve it in the best way? Identifying what works for you will help you cope better these days of the month.


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