10 facts about breasts


Did you know that breasts weigh about 500 grams? It will depend on each case, but they usually constitute 1% of the woman’s weight.


BreastsThe breasts are an extremely important part of the woman’s body, as they are a source of food and nutrition for her children during lactation. In addition to having a nutritional function, the breasts also have aesthetic and sexual functions, since they are one of the most attractive attributes of the female organism.

It is clear that women’s breasts have a clear sexual component that is a source of attraction and pleasure for humans.

Curiosities about breasts

1. The left breast is larger than the right

You have surely noticed that you have one chest larger than another and have even seen this as an abnormality. Don’t worry, we’ll start this post about the truths about breasts by saying that it is proven that there is no perfect symmetry in breast size.

according to a study in the research, the majority usually have the left breast larger than the right.

2. Breasts can cause an orgasm

The breasts are one of the most sensitive parts of women, being a very powerful erogenous zone that causes pleasure for both women and menResearch has determined that some women can reach orgasm with only manual stimulation of their breasts and nipples.

3. What is the weight of the woman’s breasts?

For obvious reasons the weight of the breasts in women varies according to their size. However, studies revealed that on average the breast weighs about 0.5 kg.

4. Women with breast implants are three times more likely to commit suicide

Another truth about breasts is that although breast augmentation surgery is still one of the most performed cosmetic procedures in the world. A study done by the Laval University of Quebec, Canada, revealed that the suicide rate is 73% higher in women with breast implants.

That figure seems to be somewhat ironic to the objective of this procedure, since the idea is supposed to increase the woman’s self-esteem, generate more confidence and self-assurance.

However, depression, lack of self-esteem, not finding the expected results, receiving social criticism, among other factors, may be related to the decision to kill oneself.

5. Size is not a problem when breastfeeding

There is no relationship between breast size and the ability to breastfeed. Larger breasts just have more adipose tissue, regardless of the mammary glands. That is why size has nothing to do with how much milk they can produce.

6. They can vary in size

It is normal to notice that the breasts are somewhat swollen or have changed in volumeThis usually occurs during PMS, because there is an explosion of the hormone’s progesterone and prolactin, which influence inflammation.

7. Smoking can distort the condition of breast size

In a study carried out in 2011 in premenopausal women it was found that the size of the breasts after quitting smoking, which may not be fully explained by weight gain. More studies are needed to understand the effect, if any, of such perception on motivation to quit smoking.

8. Breasts increase in size

During adolescence and youth, breasts are made up of mammary glands, fat, and collagen, which make the breasts firmer. However, over the years, this decreases and is replaced by more fat.

In general, women who gain weight also increase the size of their breasts, although not in all cases.

9. Stroking and tightening the breasts can prevent breast cancer

Among the truths about breasts is that it appears that stroking and squeezing the breasts not only stimulates sexually and causes pleasure, but can even prevent breast cancer.

This is suggested by research conducted by the research Laboratory, in which it is said that apparently mechanical forces and the application of physical pressure on the breasts, can prevent the control cells from becoming malignant.

10. They are the first thing men look at in a woman

It is normal that when you go down the street or talk to someone you notice that they are secretly looking at your breasts. Different investigations have determined that this is the first thing that men look at in a woman, and it is also what they most contemplate when they are in front of them.

It was determined that most prefer them large, but regardless of their size or shape, they are their weakness.


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