7 things no one tells you about your menstrual period

Our menstrual period is something natural, so we should not magnify it either. Learning to live with him can make things much...

Why do you have two menstrual periods in a month?

Except on very specific occasions, having two menstrual periods in a month can be indicative of some important medical condition, so...
Menstruation irregularities

Why can my period last longer than normal?

The longer than normal period can cause concern in women, since it is sometimes an indicator of some pathology or alteration...

7 possible causes of late period

Your period can be delayed for a variety of reasons, ranging from stress to pathology. Although many women think about pregnancy every...

6 Menstrual Period Abnormalities You Should Pay Attention To

Menstrual period abnormalities are not uncommon. The most common period abnormalities include: Menstrual bleeding is the discharge of blood from the uterus...

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