Why is the clitoris not getting enough attention?


Historical pressure and lack of knowledge meant that for years the role of the clitoris and, therefore, female sexual pleasure, were relegated to the background.


The clitoris is a complex organ that plays a fundamental role in a woman’s sexuality. It is often considered the female version of the penis, although it has been less studied compared to its male counterpart. However, it is equally important in sexual functioning and must be examined as a separate and unique entity.

Therefore, the knowledge of its characteristics is decisive, both for men and women, because only in this way can its relevance be understood when it comes to increasing pleasure in sexual relations.

However, for many it is still a total unknown. Since ancient times, the information in this regard has been limited, false beliefs prevailed that prevented women from enjoying it. 

What are the characteristics of the clitoris?

The clitoris is located at the point where the labia minora meet, just above the urethra. It is an erectile structure, homologous to the male penis, formed by two corpora cavernosa and the glans, covered by the foreskin. However, only a fifth or less is visible (the glans) while the rest is hidden under the skin.

The corpora cavernosa is made of erectile tissue and represent the hidden part of the clitoris that is covered by the ischiocavernosus muscle and can reach 7 cm or more in length. The glans of the clitoris is the end that is exposed and is between 4 and 7 mm in length.

It is sensitive to direct stimulation, so it is believed that most of the sexual response in women is achieved in this area. Although for now its function is considered to be limited to sexual pleasure, some studies try to determine if it plays a more important role because of its proximity to the urethra and vagina.

Clitoral stimulation

Sexologists explain that the clitoris is “the stimulable organ par excellence and the main erogenous zone. “In this sense, they advise exploring it through caresses and other types of stimuli.

According to statements for the BBC by the expert of the National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX) of Cuba, this can become an enriching experience. In addition, it serves for the recognition of erotic sensations.

The specialist suggests that “caressing the clitoris is a very personal and private experience. Many discover better ways to get aroused and orgasm during intercourse. It can even contribute to the learning of multiple orgasms”.

Sigmund Freud’s responsibility

The leading role of the clitoris in female sexual stimulation was denied for hundreds of years. Ideologies and theories regarding women’s sexuality encouraged censorship of its importance.

A clear example of this was the now-defunct theory of the neurologist Sigmund Freud. This  suggested that stimulation of the clitoris was a sign of sexual immaturity and neurosis.

The so-called father of psychoanalysis considered the clitoris as “a rudimentary organ, a miniature penis. “And he said that his arousal only led to “a pale substitute for male orgasm.”

For experts in sexual health, these types of positions had a lot to do with the abuse that the sexuality of women had for a long time, and that continues to the present day.

Unfortunately, there are still some cultures in which women are prohibited from enjoying sexual pleasure. In fact, they are subjected to so-called female circumcision.

The latest research and feminist pressure have greatly improved the quality of information about the clitoris. And, in turn, it has served to end this aberrational practice in many countries. However, there is still much to fight for.

The importance of educating about the clitoris

To conclude, more than knowing the role that this organ plays in female sexuality, it is essential that everyone learn its characteristics and the possible problems that may affect it.

And it is that its delicacy and complexity make it prone to infections, inflammation, redness and other uncomfortable diseases. Situations in which it is better to consult a professional.

As women, we have a responsibility to take ownership of this body and give it the importance it deserves.


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