7 things no one tells you about your menstrual period


Our menstrual period is something natural, so we should not magnify it either. Learning to live with him can make things much easier for us when organizing “those days”

MenstrualWhile many women are upset when their menstrual period ruins their plans, it can be a concern when it doesn’t show signs of its arrival on time.

Also, the menstrual period varies from person to person, and for some women it can be really difficult.

There is certainly a lot to talk about on the subject. However, there are a few things that no one will tell you about your menstrual period.

1. It can be your best friend

When your menstrual period is absent it can be a bad sign. Some of the possibilities are:

  • That night you had a drink. Then the next morning, you woke up in a boy’s apartment and you don’t remember whether or not you used protection.
  • When you found out that your partner was having an affair with another girl for the past year at that time. And it is precisely at the same time that you realize that you are a few weeks late…

In these cases, having your menstrual period go like the gears of a clock may be the best news.

Our recommendation is that you always take your precautions when having sex. However, we know that on occasion something unforeseen may arise.

2. It can also be your worst enemy

When you plan to have children with your partner, having your period can be the worst thing in the world. The  very clear and disappointing message: “you are not pregnant. ”

You will have no choice but to wait 28 more long days in the hope of not seeing your period again for a long time.

3. It will almost always come at the worst possible time

When you are getting ready for your best friend’s birthday party, when you go on vacation or travel… Even when you are about to wear white to walk down the aisle and say the big “yes”…  Your menstruation friend may make you reconsider RSVP. In any case, she will definitely attend your special event even if you did not send her an invitation letter.

The reality is that your period doesn’t have to affect all of these plans.

Unless you are dealing with medical problems that cause very severe or painful periods, most of the time it is not a problem.

4. The time will come when you will need to borrow an “unnameable”

This is a moment in the life of every girl who comes sooner or later, when menstruation comes and is trapped with pants at the ankles.

It could happen to anyone. For example, imagine that you changed your purse, forgot to buy your pads, or loaned the last one to a friend.

Your menstrual period is not going to care and will come anyway. This is when you are going to have to go on a recon mission to achieve your “goal.”

5. It will help you bond with other women

It could be by sharing the details of the time your period caused you problems during a class, or drowning out your sorrows with a good drink and pizza while you watch your favorite television series. Also, when we have to dry the tears of the friend who is trying to have a baby… menstruation has many ways of uniting women.

Menstrual periods are a bond that only women share and understand. And, for better or for worse, menstruation gives you an excuse to laugh and, from time to time, cry together.

6. It’s nothing like what commercials suggest

We have serious doubts that most women are jumping off a trampoline, climbing a mountain, dancing around a campfire in white shorts. Much less when the menstrual period arrives.

However, it is not about you being bedridden as still as a mummy when your period comes.

Although much has come since ancient Romans when women used wool tampons, there is still the possibility of leakage at inopportune times.

Accidents with your tampon string hanging between your legs when wearing a bikini can also cause you great embarrassment.

7. The last day of your menstrual period will arrive

Menopause will come, whether you want it or not. That is, one day your menstrual period will disappear, without warning and forever.

Maybe now you find yourself curled up in bed with a thermal blanket, with a box of menstrual cramps pills and a box of chocolates, and this sounds really incredible news to you.

However, it is not so good news when you are around 40-something and you begin to feel that hot flashes are approaching, low sexual appetite and other symptoms of the great catalog that comes along with menopause.


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