Are you making the effects of menopause worse?


If we do not want menopause to affect us excessively, it is best to ask specialists for advice, who will know how to tell us what options to follow to carry this stage in the best possible way.

MenopauseLet’s face it, menopause is a very scary time for women. Men may not understand this fear, because they can have a full and active sex life until the last day of their lives. On the other hand, you,  as a woman, face certain limitations, because your sex life can present some discomfort after 50 years.

With all the information out there on hormonal changes and related topics, it would be strange not to panic. However, you have to remember something: you can have a more or less normal life after menopause. Sometimes we ourselves are the ones who make those effects worse.

Don’t get carried away by rumors that could make things worse in your menopause. That is why we will give you answers below to avoid aggravating things. Some factors that can worsen the effects of your menopause are:

1. You are self-medicating

You are self-medicating, who can blame you? You start to feel hot flashes and other symptoms that you want to remedy. The North American Menopause Society conducted recent research on this situation, noting that  about 53% of the women studied said they had self-medicated.

From vitamins, herbal supplements, acupuncture, massage, etc. were options to help with hot flashes, anxiety, pain, fatigue and other symptoms of menopause. They were mostly natural or alternative treatments. However, it is difficult to know exactly what you are taking. The reason is that these supplements are normally not regulated.

When you only use 100% natural products there is no risk, but if you use any kind of supplement, there could be some complications. That is not to say that natural remedies cannot control hot flashes. The problem is that you use products that contain chemicals that you do not take into account.

If you plan to use any type of natural remedy it is important that you always make sure the ingredients are completely natural. For that, there is nothing like buying the herbs directly from a market. They can be fresh or dried, you can even plant your own seeds in some cases.

2. You are not following the basic recommendations

How long did you sleep last night? How much water have you been drinking? What is your stress level right now?

There is nothing groundbreaking about general recommendations – eating vegetables, getting enough sleep, and having time to relax are just a few. Following these tips can dramatically reduce the severity of your menopausal symptoms.

If you are already reaching the age when menopause is present, you should start preparing. Seek to reach your ideal weight and stay alert for symptoms. When these appear, consult your doctor and ask what steps you should take.

Some women feel a bit embarrassed, or believe that their doctor will simply prescribe  hormones. The truth is that there are more options than that. They may recommend increasing your intake of certain foods or getting more sleep.

Heed the recommendations of your specialist. Remember that it is never too late to have a more active life and a better diet. If you’ve overlooked exercise so far, start with a 30-to 40-minute walk in a park near your home. Then you can take a group dance class.

For the diet, nothing like natural fruits and vegetables. Bet on the most basic products:

  • Natural yogurt
  • Seasonal vegetables(some can be grown yourself if you have a garden)
  • Season’s fruit
  • Whole grains and cereals(oatmeal, amaranth, etc.)

3. You don’t look for alternatives

Are you one of those people who distrust treatments to reduce menopausal hot flashes? In that case, you should know that hormonal therapy is the best tool to alleviate menopausal hot flashes.

It is worth talking to a doctor. He will evaluate you individually to explain how you can be calmer during this period. However, the alternatives do not end there. You can always seek second opinions if you think your doctor’s treatment is too aggressive.

You can also try other alternatives like meditation or yoga, which have been shown to help stabilize the body.

4. You are giving up sex

Where is it written that sex after menopause has to stop? Now that the children are older and living outside the home, it is time to resume sexuality with your partner. There is no one to limit you. It’s just the two of you. It is important to remember that having sex during menopause is possible and can be just as rewarding as before.

Now you will no longer have to worry about situations such as unwanted pregnancies and communication with your partner is deep. Give yourself the opportunity to experiment. Take a vacation and try new things. Let yourself be pampered. You will see that menopause in no way implies that you should stop enjoying yourself.

Menopause is not the end

Seriously, reaching menopause doesn’t mean your sex life is over. You yourself may be worsening the effects of this stage by making the wrong decisions. Leave preconceptions behind and consult specialists so they can give you a better idea of ​​what to do and how.


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